By borrowing items from the Lend Me A Plate program, you are agreeing to the following:


Please take the time to follow these instructions to ensure these items are ready for the next borrower to use. We want every borrower to be able to enjoy all items in good, clean condition.
All items must be returned in clean condition within 48 hours of date of event unless other arrangements have been made before borrowing.

Washing Dishes

  • Wash completely in hot soapy water or dishwasher.
  • If hand washing, rinse in hot water then sanitize in a bleach/water solution (1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water).
  • Do not use abrasive cleanser, scouring pads, or any object that will scratch dishes.
  • It is very important that the dishes be completely dry before being replaced in containers. Once stacked, dishes will not dry further.
  • Please bundle silverware as you received it.
  • Count the items to make sure you are returning everything that was borrowed.
  • Please email to let the volunteer host know if there are missing or broken items so they can be replaced.
  • Return clean and dry items in the original containers promptly so they are ready for the next use.

Laundering Linens

  • After your event and before laundering, please inspect each piece of linen for any stains.
  • Treat all spots with a laundry stain remover. This is very important since once an item has been dried it is almost impossible to get stains out.
  • Please use fragrance free laundry products and wash with warm water.
  • Dry on warm with fragrance free dryer sheets. To avoid wrinkles, don’t crowd the dryer.
  • Fold the items promptly. Stack and smooth the napkins flat before you fold them.
You agree to return the same tableware items you borrowed, in clean condition, in the original containers, on the day and time specified.  Thank you.
Please email to let the volunteer host know if there are missing or damaged items so they can be replaced.
See Tips for Our Borrowers for additional information on how to enhance your LMAP experience and host a successful event.
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