The job of collecting, washing and returning our tablewares may sound daunting. Disposable paper and plastic table settings may seem more appealing than ever.  But wait!  We have some tips to help make your zero waste event more manageable and rewarding.

• In scheduling your pick up, budget enough time to look over the items you’ve borrowed. While we require borrowers to return materials in clean, ready-to-use condition, you don’t want last minute surprises.

• Place settings for large events can take 16 or more containers. Make sure you use a vehicle large enough to hold them.

• Some containers are a little heavy – 25 pounds or so. We provide a hand truck for loading but you will need to bring someone able to lift the bins.

• Washing, drying and re-packing dishes and linens can take some time – especially for large events. We encourage you to divide up plates, glasses, flatware, napkins, etc between several people to share the fun.

• If you aren’t able to wash dishes at the event site, consider how you will transport them to be properly cleaned.  We have plastic tubs available to transport dirty dishes.

• It helps to have access to a sink on site to rinse plates, glasses, etc. before transport. Please don’t put dirty or wet items back in the bins or boxes they were packed in.

• Pat yourselves on the back! You’re reducing waste, building community and providing a much more pleasant dining experience with REAL forks, glasses and plates.