Southern Oregon Master  Recyclers in Action (SOMRA) is a group of individuals who have completed the eight week Master Recyclers course offered by the Jackson County Recycling Partnership.
We meet monthly to develop projects and volunteer on issues in our community related to waste reduction and prevention.
We believe achieving zero waste requires new approaches to waste management with policies that emphasize waste prevention as opposed to “end of the pipe” waste management. These new approaches require massive changes in the way materials currently flow through society. We’re working to shift the focus from simply recycling to reducing waste at its source.
In addition to implementing the “Lend Me A Plate” (LMAP) project, these are some other zero waste projects and collaborations we are considering:
  • Reducing food waste
  • Developing “Repair Cafes”
  • Encouraging “bring your own container” programs for take-out at restaurants
  • Developing directions on “How To Make Your Event Zero Waste”
  • Conducting “waste audits” of local organizations and businesses
  • Supporting legislative and other community efforts to reduce waste
  • Teaching the concept of “Zero Waste” at every educational opportunity