“Lend Me A Plate” (LMAP) is a volunteer-run zero waste project that provides reusable durable goods as an alternative to the use of disposable products for events.
Hosts of events such as weddings, reunions, memorials, meetings, and parties, whether in a public or private setting, can now prevent single-useĀ items such as paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery, and styrofoam products from heading to the landfill.
LMAP’s service is free of charge to residents of Ashland and Talent, Oregon, and strives to promote community engagement in the practice of zero waste.
Borrowers can select from a list of items such as place settings (dishes, silverware, glasses, etc.), cloth napkins and tablecloths, and other service items that will replace disposables with durables. The items are available on a first come first served basis and there is no minimum requirement to borrow dishes. The borrower is responsible for returning the items in clean condition by the agreed date.
The concept of a lending library of durable, reusable table service items to replace the disposables that end up in our landfills is based on the model of “Plates for People and the Planet” in Mt. Shasta, CA.