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We ask that you plan carefully and request only what you need.
Quantity increments are based on the number of items in a container.

Dinner plates, 10.75”
Salad plates, 8.5”
Dessert plates, 6.75”
Bowls, 28 oz
Coffee cups, 11 oz
Yes16 complete place settings of Noritake china

Water glasses, 16 oz
Wine glasses, 11.5 oz
Hammered metal glasses, 8 oz
Champagne flutes
Mason Jars, pint
Mason Jars, half-pint
Dinner Forks
Tea Spoons
Soup Spoons
Black Napkins
White Napkins
Tablecloths (white square, 70” x 70”)
Tablecloths (white square, 72” x 72”)
Tablecloths (white rectangular, 60” x 102”)
Tablecloths (ecru square, 60” x 60”)
Tablecloths (green rectangular, 60"x 120")
Tablecloths (green rectangular, 60"x 126")
Tablecloths (black square, 54” x 54”)
Tablecloths (black rectangular, 60"x 84")
Tablecloths (black rectangular, 60"x 126")
Glass Beverage Dispensers, 2.1 gallon (with stands)
Glass Carafes, 1 liter
Stainless Steel Cutlery Holders
Bus Tubs

Terms and Conditions:
All items must be returned in clean condition within 48 hours of date of event unless other arrangements are made before borrowing. Please bundle silverware as you received it. Click here to review complete Terms of Agreement including cleaning procedures. Please e-mail your host to report lost or broken items.

Check here if you have read and agree to these terms.